Everyone's life
should be
grandpa bee
Acknowledge the life
experiences of your
parents, grandparents
and ancestors by
sharing stories
about them.
ack bee

Remember those who
have passed yet
remain with you
in mind and spirit.

Remember bee
Tell your story. Give your
children and grandchildren
an opportunity to learn
of your life experiences
growing up.
Bee evolution
Leave a family legacy for
your descendents so
they have an
opportunity to
appreciate their


Bee pointing to family tree chart

Record family experiences
with our customizable
interview questionnaires
and audio recording
Bee family in front of microphone


Where there is an
occasion worth
celebrating, there is a
story to be told.

Bee family on TV with balloons in background.
About Us

OurBeehive.net leads users through the process of creating stories and sharing life experiences. Family members (current and future generations) will enjoy reviewing stories of their distant family members and ancestors in the context of their times.

It was designed for those of us who share the belief that:

  • the human experience is worth acknowledging

  • elderly adults have accumulated a wealth of experience worth sharing

  • subsequent generations will better understand the foundation from which their lives will unfold by getting to know their parents and grandparents as individuals

The imperative: Start capturing stories now before memories fade.

Sample stories

Stories are presented in a number of formats. Examples are below.

Timeline format: visually conveys a chronology
Presidential context: one's life in context of an era
Photo gallery: display random collections
Narrative and music: add dimension to a story
Affiliate Network
Our affiliate network is available to help - if you need it. They come with their own set of expertise to add dimension to story telling. They include:
  • EXPERIENCED USERS of OurBeehive.net can come to your home help you scan images and progress through the learning curve, doing only what you need or doing it all for you.

  • FAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS can create photo coffee table books and update your family pictures with portraits worth framing.

  • VIDEO EDITING PROFESSIONALS will convert your vhs tapes, cassette tapes, and dvds and create a DVD movie complete with interviews to show at those special occasions.

  • WRITERS skilled in the written word can take your stories to the next level, all the way to a memoir if you so desire.

  • VOICE OVER TALENT can really make a story more interesting. Having a story told in one's own voice adds dimension to the story but sometimes it may not sound natural, especially when one is not comfortable in front of a microphone.

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Stories left untold are legacies gone forever!